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Happy Hour

Monday - Friday

3 pm - 6 pm

Happy Hour

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Bar Snacks

Hand battered wild Pacific cod, mango habanero salsa, coleslaw, pickled red onions, cilantro, & side of chips and salsa

Mango Habanero Tacos | 23

Three beer-braised puled pork tacos, pickled red onions, jalapeno salsa, guacamole, parmesan, cilantro, & side of chips and salsa

A+ Street Tacos | 16

Choice of: Beer-battered fries, waffle fries +1, or tater tots +1

Side of Fries | 4

Beer-battered fries, roasted garlic butter, parmesan, parsley

Garlic Fries | 8

Breaded chicken breast tossed in your choice of sauce: BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parm +1.5, Habanero BBQ +1.5, Korean Gochujang + 1.5, Thai sweet chili

Boneless Wings | 14.5

Four beer-braised BBQ pork sliders, pickled red onions, aioli, slaw, sweet rolls

Pulled Pork Sliders | 15

Waffle fries with beer-braised pulled pork, jalapeno salsa, spicy ranch, cheddar & jack cheeses, sour cream, bacon, cilantro

Drunken' Pig Fries | 14.5

Eight apple cider brined chicken wings, fryer crisped, and tossed in your choice of sauce: BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parm +1.5, Habanero BBQ +1.5, Korean Gochujang + 1.5, Thai sweet chili

Bone-In Wings | 16

Four Angus beef sliders, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, aioli, secret sauce, caramelized onions, sweet rolls

Angus Beef Sliders | 16

Hand-battered wild Pacific cod with lemon, fries, apple cider vinegar coleslaw, spicy ranch, and citrus jalapeno aioli

Beer-Battered Fish & Chips | 23

Choice of grilled shrimp +2 or chicken, lettuce cups, Thai sweet chili, wonton strips, mixed veggies

Thai Lettuce Cups | 15.5

Beer-braised pork, cheddar, jack, parmesan, bacon, garlic parmesan crostini

BBQ Pork Mac | 16

9 jumbo prawns prepared three ways: beer battered, grilled garlic parmesan, and Thai sweet chili

Shrimp Trio | 20

Romaine, parmesan, Caesar dressing, garlic parmesan crostini

Add-ons: Prawns +8, Grilled Chicken +5

Classic Caesar Salad | 8

Eight pork dumplings, spicy ranch, crispy garlic, green onion, potsicker sauce

Potstickers | 15.5

Tortilla chips, Russian River beer cheese, bacon, guacamole, tamato, onion, honey-pickled jalapeno, sour cream, & cilantro

Choice of Protein : grilled chicken, beer-braised pulled pork, or veggie crumbles

Try with Tater Tots +1.5 (as "Tot-Chos")

RR Loaded Nachos | 16.5

$8 House Cocktails

●●● vodka / gin / white rum / tequila blanco / orange liqueur / fresh lemon and lime juices / orange witbier simple / cola

Long Day Long Island | 10 8

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●● rye whiskey / rum-barrel maple syrup / orange & angostura bitters

Classic Old Fashioned 11 8

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● tequila reposado / mango puree / agave / fresh lime juice / spicy chamoy / tajin

Mangonada Margarita | 13  8

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● orange infused gin / dragon fruit puree / fresh lemon juice / seltzer

Tom "The Dragon Slayer" Collins | 12  8

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● vodka / raspberry puree / fresh lemon juice

Raspberry Lemon Drop |  12.5  8

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$7 Glass of Wine

OZV Zinfandel - Oak Ridge Winery

Aromas of triple berry pie and graham cracker. Notes of raspberry and generous oak flavoring.

Old Soul Chardonnay - Oak Ridge Winery

Aromas of pineapple and pear. Vibrant and crisp flavors or apricot and vanilla.

$7 Craft Beers

Mexican Lager made from grains harvested on the brewer's family farm and cold fermented for an extra clean and crisp profile. Flavorful yet refreshing. ABV - 5.5%

Farmer's - Valle

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Unfiltered citrus blonde ale made with local Valencia oranges. ABV - 5.1%

Pure Project - Tropical Mist

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4 time Great American Beer Festival winning single tropical west coast IPA with mango & papaya. ABV - 6.5%

Alvarado Street - Mai Tai P.A.

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Award winning Hazy IPA with lemon and orange. ABV - 7%

Great Notion - RIPE

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American Light Lager, brewed in collaboration with UoB. ABV - 4.5%

The Monk's Cellar - Vernon Street Lager

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Imperial apple cider fermented with meadowfoam honey and aged on Oregon White Oak. ABV - 10.5%

Two Towns - The Bad Apple

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